1) How products are made?
The products are made entirely by hand from raw to the glazing an finally to the decoration. The products are to be considered as unique and there may be some differences between the two products required as the same. The variations in color and glaze, as well as any minor discrepancies between the photographed products and the manufactured products are indicating their craftsmanship. The products are still sent without serious defects or shortcomings.
2) What is included in the chandeliers?
The chandeliers, sconces, table lamps are supplied inclusive of electrical equipment in accordance with EC RULES, brass accessories in the rough, whether coated silk wire and the switch cover with glazed screws. The wall sconces are supplied and wall pockets are NOT equipped with holders as the use and the number of points of light is under discretion of the customer. We can supply at a cost of € 2.5 each ones the holders E27 with underwire for the inside installation .
3) The choice or the change of decor or the glaze’s color, changes the price?
No. The designs are fully customizable and the glaze is available in white or ivory. Any choice of decorations, development or creation, does not change the final price of the product.
4) The decorations are just the ones listed on the site?
No. The site included the more used decorations. The development of other decorations supplied from a particular customer, the amendment of those present or the adaptation of decorations of products of various sizes, are among the prerogatives of the extreme customization that has always distinguished us.
5) What are the delivery times?
Delivery times change depending on the availability of the raw product. Generally there’s a range from 10 to 25 working days. However we try to respect any special requests of customers.
6) How are the products shipped?
The products are packed with care and with appropriate material.
7) The goods are guaranteed in shipping?
The goods are insured. If the customer receives a damaged package or he considers any damage to the inside, he has to sign with reserve the package. The product will be replaced as soon as possible at no cost for the customer. In fact, the goods travel at our own risk as long as the reservation will be done form customer.
8) How much are the shipping costs?
The shipping costs, including insurance, go from € 15 to € 50 depending on the weight and volume of the goods. We will notify you the precise cost when we’ll make you the offer.
9) What are the terms of payment?
The terms of payment are: Bank Transfer 30% at the order confirmation. The days for delivery starting upon the receipt of such payment. The balance must be paid before delivery. Our bank details to make the down payment will be communicated at the order confirmation.
10) Infos:
All trademarks mentioned in this site are property of their respective companies. They are used only to indicate the compatibility of our products. The photos are indicative: some changes in the color or in the item’s feature are quite normal in products manufactured entirely by hand. The Electrical Products are CE compliant. The assembly’s responsibility is of the customer that has to contact a qualified technician. We will still be given information support for assembly.
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